A customized, targeted package designed for SHFs, including operational imperatives like credit, inputs, technical know-how, market access and risk mitigation

Vana Global

Training Research
and Innovation Centre

The Vana Training Research and Innovation Centre (VTRIC) is a first-of-its-kind hub that supports and promotes the adoption of modern technology in agriculture. The VTRIC conducts research and development in six key areas – information technology, biotechnology, engineering, supply chain technology, finance and processing technology under one roof. It is also a skill development zone for smallholder farmers to learn smart farming techniques and business models. VTRIC, a partnership with the Government of Malaysia, will train 1000 agri-preneurs . Satellite centres are planned for launch in Kenya, India, Zambia and Ghana.

Key Features

  • 100-acre Self-sustaining Campus

  • World-class Laboratories for Research

  • Demo plots for real-time pilot tests

  • Training Centre for SMART Farming

Key Activities

  • Initiate Research in the 6 areas of R&D

  • Train Small farmers in SMARTFarming Techniques

  • Maintain and Manage Vana Global Data Centre

  • Innovate Low-cost Smallfarmer Automation

Vana Global

Solutions Architecture



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Hybrid Model

The Vana Hybrid Model has been designed with the SHF as the most important stakeholder. The Hybrid Model allows the farmer to choose between a partnership or registered model with varying benefits across both categories. These benefits range from input subsidies, profit share models, and access to the Vana services portfolio. Partner farmers get full benefits of the model.



Vana’s Fintech initiative ushers in a new way to target and collateralize credit for the SHF while reducing the risk through a robust insurance solution. The microfinance credit offered to farmers will be 100% digitized to ensure transparency. Vana’s financial service experts and agronomists lend assistance through a mobile app or at the physical Vana Centres. We derisk the process for farmers and insurers through a host of technology, training, piloting and market access models and applications.


Information Technology

Vana’s Information Technology platform (ITP) is one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich platforms for the agriculture industry. 20 high-level components servicing the end-to-end process in Vana’s ecosystem are rolled in 3 phases – Enable, Optimize and Enhance.

Multiple functionalities are enabled across the 3 phases. The platform is customized for control and use at different levels of the organizations – global, cluster and country HQ offices, Vana Centres, field supervisors and onsite farmer locations. The system is optimized to work with poor connectivity to account for real-world conditions prevalent across interior regions.



Agriculture is one of the least digitized industries globally, and Vana believes that access to cutting-edge technology and innovation is the perfect means to enable SHF growth. Our various pilots have shown a substantial increase in profits and outcomes by the use of input and production technology. Our research and development focuses on broad based focus areas such as:


Agriculture Biotechnology


Farm management software, sensors and IoT


Farm robotics, mechanization and equipment


Bioenergy and biofuels


Novel farming systems


Supply chain technologies


Marketplace models


Innovative food sources


Growth Ecosystem

A robust partner ecosystem that works around the nucleus of the value chain – the smallholder farmer – is necessary to transform them into agri-preneurs. Vana’s partners play the dual role of providers and customers for the farmers. Our input partners provide timely and hassle-free material and machinery to farmers at the beginning of crop cycles. Output partners open up new and existing markets to increase farmer income and revenue streams. Service partners provide market-oriented agriculture advisory services to farmers and other stakeholders in the ecosystem to enhance the entire partner ecosystem.

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Project Gallery

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