Agriculture is the oldest livelihood undertaken by humans. It helped sustain, and for centuries it has also helped humans thrive economically. However, the agricultural landscape has changed drastically over the past few decades. Land degradation and fragmentation have created income disparities for farmers, especially smallholder farmers. This has driven smallholder farmers to quit their primary livelihood or restrict themselves to sustenance farming.

Additionally, the onus of feeding 7.7 billion people is on these smallholder and marginal farmers who operate on 75% of the land in the world. Further, water scarcity, lack of technical know-how, quality on-farm inputs, power supply issues, better market linkages and more have added to this dismal situation. As we observed and identified the distress of the smallholder farmers, we embarked on a journey to transform agribusiness and make agriculture a thriving career choice and not just a survival tool for smallholder farmers.

To reinvent agriculture, address widespread income disparity amongst farmers, tackle rising global food security issues and leverage technology to end the hardships of smallholder farmers, we started our journey in 2016.

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Unlocking the potential of agriculture to enhance the economic, environmental, and social capital of smallholder farmers


Improving agricultural prosperity to lift 15 million households out of poverty by 2030